LED Mark ITS ApS started in 2001
Intelligent road markings that increase people's safety in traffic

LED-Mark ITS ApS is a professional supplier and collaborator when it comes to intelligent road marking.

In all aspects, we make high demands on ourselves to ensure that we appear as a competent supplier and collaborator.

But first a little story

The basic idea of ​​LED-Mark ITS ApS started in 2001. It began when LKF Vejmarkering A/S was contacted by an inventor, who had a new idea for road marking.

A brainstorming between Torben Lausten from TL Lyngsaa A/S, product developer in intelligent lighting, and LKF Road Marking resulted in the idea of ​​the “solar cell”.
Since then, LED-Mark ITS has worked on the idea in collaboration with other product developers within Intelligent Transport Systems. The first patent application was submitted in 2003.

In 2006, the Swedish parent company AB GEVEKO decided to invest in this area and established Geveko ITS AB. Geveko ITS A S was established in 2008 and is today the company that manages all activities related to Intelligent Transport Systems.

In 2015, Geveko ITS moved to its own premises with better production facilities, and was sold to other investors on 1/11 2015. After the entire Geveko Group had been sold, the new investors did not want to continue with the subsidiary.

The company changed its name and is today called LED-Mark ITS ApS


Providing intelligent road markings that improve people’s safety in traffic.


LED-Mark ITS will be a visionary and competent provider of intelligent road markings, and thus an indispensable collaborator.

We will be chosen for our competitors because of our value-added solutions for the benefit of both customers and co-drivers.

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