Greater safety for crossing pedestrians
Orange solar cells are integrated into the Pedestrian stripes

At least 73% of personal injury accidents and fatal accidents occur when a pedestrian is crossing lanes, bicycle paths or roadcrossings.

Everyone knows that a pedestrian crossing or pedestrian area marks a crossing on the road where cars and other traffic must keep back for any pedestrians who want to cross the road.

The pedestrian area can then be marked against the drivers by means of a blue sign – some places are supplemented with yellow lights.

These precautions are known in the street scene, so a motorist often ignores a pedestrian.

LED-Mark ITS has developed a system that makes it safer both for the crossing pedestrian and the motorist. Orange solar cells are integrated into the pedestrian stripes of the area, which are only activated when someone crosses the field. This way, the driver is warned only at the moment when a pedestrian is crossing.

Can be controlled from a light signal in conjunction with a cross.

The system consists of a combination of I-Module and LED-Guides.